06 November, 2013

La Piscine, Roubaix with J: 2 October, 2013

La Piscine, the only tourist attraction in the city I live in (Roubaix), is an old indoor swimming pool turned into an art museum. I went with my boyfriend Jarne :) Have you guys met him yet?

Me & Jarne, we met up at Parc Barbieux, near my place

The only real attraction in this museum is the swimming pool, which is lined with many statues and is illuminated with pretty lighting thanks to the stained glass window, as seen below.

I only really liked two pieces in the whole museum--sculptures of a moose and an octopus lady:

If you noticed, we're wearing formal clothes. I told Jarne to tell his brother he had a business meeting on the day we were going to meet, and wear formal clothes to be more convincing. But in the end he still told his bro the truth. Twins....
On a metro. Me wearing wedges but still being dwarfed by Jarne.

Afterwards, we watched Machete Kills in Lille. We had a great day, that day ;)

P.S. All photos were either taken by Jarne or were edited by him, that's why they're pretty :)


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