06 November, 2013

Belgium Escapades with J: October 2013 - 2nd trip to Brussels

Parc du Cinquantenaire

For my second trip to Brussels, I didn’t ride a train. I carpooled with Aurelie, a Belgian lady who was headed to Brussels after her weekly visit to her French boyfriend. I use covoiturage.fr to find carpool opportunities—some cost only 5 euros, which is a third of the price compared to TGV.

It was my second time to carpool—the first time was when I went back to Lille from my first Brussels trip. My first carpool experience was awkward because all the other carpoolers only spoke French for the first half of the trip, and I couldn’t keep up with their conversations. In the end, they started speaking English so I could interact with them much much more easily.

Anyway…my second carpool experience was much more comfortable. I sat in front, so Aurelie and I had good conversations (in English, phew!). Aurelie is Belgian, the other carpoolers were a French girl and her Spanish boyfriend. So International! Haha!

The drive from Lille to Brussels was one hour (by TGV it’s only 30 minutes). I paid half the price, so I have to pay double the time, I guess :P

This time, I was in Brussels because Jarne invited me to Rone's concert. It was his treat so I said  yasssss. The concert was at night, so we had the afternoon to roam around.

We ended up at the Palace of Justice of Brussels. It was huuuuuuge!!!

Defending myself to a nonexistent judge in a courtroom
 We walked some more and we came upon a beautiful mini park, which is apparently famous. It's called "Jardin du Petit Sablon"

I was also determined to go to Parc du Cinquantenaire. That arch is to commemorate the Belgian independence from the Netherlands ;)

The first photo of me & Jarne taken by a third person :)

Then it was time to go to the Botanique, a really cool cultural complex,  for the concert. I met Jarne's twin brother, Yordi for the first time. Before the concert, the Belgium vs. Croatia football qualifying game for the World Cup or whatever was going on :P Belgium won and everyone was happy! Belgium is going to Brasil! Nize! :P

The concert was a nice way to end the day. Cool music with cool people ;)


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