06 November, 2013

Belgium Escapades with J: October 2013 - Antwerp

"I love you" - Under a bridge next to Antwerp Berchem train station
 Jarne lives in Antwerp, with his twin brother. The headquarters of Jarne’s company, Twinski, is based in A-town.  Twinski creates websites, apps, and other cool digital stuff :3

So I paid Jarne a visit and he showed me around his turf :P

On TripAdvisor, the #1 thing to see in this city is Antwerpen Centraal, which is the train station I use all the time.  It really is very nice. Here's some photos taken by Jarne of the station:

While eating a baguette in front of Antwerpen Centraal, an Asian lady asked us (using body language) to take a picture of her (which was a lie because she wanted us to take 10 million pictures!), not in front of the beautiful train station, but in front of these ugly cargo boxes that were blocking the view of the station. When someone asks us to take their photo, I always give the camera to Jarne because he actually knows how to take pictures. But this one was unhappy with all of Jarne’s pictures of her posing dramatically (LOL), so I also had to take pictures of her. We also took each other’s pictures of us photographing the lady. :P 

Jarne's turn

My turn
  I took two photos of the lady then ran :P Right across the train station is China Town:

We then walked around Meir, a huge shopping street, with a Forever21! I was shocked! Forever21 in Europe!!! But I controlled myself, and just opted to go to the Disney store :P

Jarne the giant

We went to Meir because Jarne heard about this waffle place that was good--I'd been craving for some for a while. Hehe.

Side note: see the difference between my pictures and his pictures??

Next, we went to a bar…Jarne got La Chouffe (tooooooo strong for Kimy), while he got me a girly drink hehe. It's cute how in Belgium, the beer glasses simplyto really correspond to what you're drinking. I'm so not used to that, because in the Philippines it's like...whatever...it's just a beer glass :P

Our beers with their matching beer glasses :P
 I also got a carpool from Antwerp back to Lille (one hour driving time as opposed to 2 hour train ride!) and when it was time for me to go, we came across this graffiti. Perfect way to end the day. Hehe.


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