06 November, 2013

Belgium Escapades with J: October 2013 - Ghent

Belgium has plenty of cool old cities. And I love old cities. And I love Belgians. So of course I went. Of course with J.

No Jarne Belgium city tour is complete without a trip to the park. We went to this one near the train station:

"Rape Park"
Jarne don't pose.
Ghent is a student city, so naturally, there's lots of bars. We found this wonderful piece of art on the street where most of the bars are (a.k.a. vomit street). I ordered Jarne to take a photo of it:

I've been inside approximately 10 churches/cathedrals with Jarne. This one in Ghent has a really nice ceiling hehehe.

We couldn't find the exit, we even tried the confession boxes, but no way out.

After 10 mins, we found the exit....which was also the entrance...

We chilled and walked around in pretty Ghent. Jarne put stars all over his map of Ghent on his iPhone to show me chill spots. He's so sweet ;)
Unidentified building with cool facade :3

Chismiss-themed facade ;)

One of the awesomest things I've done in all my trips in Europe is visiting Gavensteen, a castle built in the Middle Ages. It looks so badass!

Jarne the photographer

What he was trying to capture

All my trips with this guy are awesome. Thank you ;)


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