12 January, 2222

Back Home

A perk of living in Europe is being to travel so easily to great places. I was able to do
14 cities. 6 countries. 4 months.
Not bad for a girl on a very tight budget :P

Here's a summary of all the places I went to:

1.) Lille, France
Christmas 2013 in Lille with Jarne

13 July, 2014

Last Glimpses of Paris: A Photo Diary

My plane back to the Philippines from France was originally set for the 23rd of December, so I could celebrate Christmas eve there. I had my plane ticket and everything. But then things changed, and I decided to stay in Europe for Christmas and New Year's. 

I emailed the attachée for higher education of the French Embassy in the Philippines, and asked if I could change my flight to the 2nd of January (because they booked and paid for my flight tickets, as a part of my grant from the embassy). Thankfully, the attachée was very nice AND was from Lille! She told me it was possible, and in the end I got a flight ticket leaving on the 5th, not the 2nd! Even more perfect. I had more time to spend with Jarne!

The two extra weeks flew by, and it was time to say goodbye for the meantime to Europe and to Jarne. 
Mr. J accompanied me to Paris, because my flight was from CDG. We took the ever-reliable iDBus, and that is where this photo diary starts. :)

08 June, 2014

21 April, 2014

Noir et Blanc à Paris: Date at a Cemetery

It was our first Paris trip together in December 2013. Jarne chose to use black&white film for his Lomo LC-A. The results were beautiful. As usual, we just asked random locals/fellow tourists to take our "couple portraits."

The first part of the black&white series was shot at Cimetiere du Père-Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris. The famous people who "live" here are the composer Chopin, the writer Oscar Wilde, and the singer Édith Piaf.