06 June, 2016

Five Days in Kyoto, a Photoblog

kiyomizudera kyoto
A couple at the entrance of Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Jarne and I spent a total of two weeks in the Land of the Rising Sun. Most people were shocked when I told them we planned to stay in Kyoto for five days. I knew it was a perfect amount of time—there's simply so many things to see in Japan's former capital.

After lots of computations, I deduced it was around three times cheaper to go to Kyoto from Tokyo by flying rather than buying a Japan Rail pass to be able to take the bullet train. I got dirt cheap rountrip tickets via Jetstar, which flies out of Narita airport (which is much farther from downtown Tokyo than Haneda, grrr). 

After one sweaty subway transfer, two train rides, and one flight, we managed to get to Kyoto Station.