07 September, 2013

Welcome day at ESPEME

There are a total of 6 exchange students (including me) from my school in the Philippines currently in France. The other five are in IESEG, which is in Lille. I'm the only one that chose ESPEME, which is in Roubaix (because they start classes at a later date). My school is called EDHEC, and I am in the undergraduate program called ESPEME. EDHEC is a "grand école," which is supposedly where the "future French elite" get their higher education.

Main campus of EDHEC

Fitness center

The welcome session for exchange students at ESPEME was not very helpful. There was free breakfast and lunch, though! The welcome day also included a "tour" of Lille. Which was not very nice, either. Haha. I had to have a picture taken though, hihi!

I was also able to meet a lot of people! The student society of ESPEME, called VISA, was there to announce that there was a welcome party at a local bar later that night. Of course I went!

Me and my Hong Kong girls and a random drunk guy! 

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