11 September, 2013

Tita Juliet

Every Lasallian and Atenean that has ever been an exchange student in Lille knows Tita Juliet (well, those who went to France after 2005). Tita Juliet is a very nice Filipina lady who has been living in France for around 20 years with her French husband.

Tita Juliet lives in Linselles, which is 25 minutes by bus from Lille. Filipino exchange students come to her house to send balikbayan boxes to the Philippines, and to be fed real meals (which is a luxury). She's so famous, even Chris Tiu used to go to her house!

It was awkward at first, but we felt at ease after drinking a little bit of beer! Hehe. Tita Juliet talked about her 2 daughters and her son, we asked her about living in France and asked for some tips.

Tita Juliet and her husband

Tita, Paolo, and a sample balikbayan box. Hehe!

Playing Wii with Tita's cutie son


Strawberries straight from Tita's in-law's farm!

Us six with Tita Juliet: [L-R] Katrina, Andre, Mikha, Tita, Me, Tiffany, and Paolo

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