12 January, 2014

Back Home

A perk of living in Europe is being to travel so easily to great places. I was able to do
14 cities. 6 countries. 4 months.
Not bad for a girl on a very tight budget :P

Here's a summary of all the places I went to:

1.) Lille, France
Christmas 2013 in Lille with Jarne

2.) Paris, France
Paris with Jarne, 2013

3.) Bruges, Belgium
Photo taken by Jarne

4.) Zaandam, Netherlands
With the girls Laura and Beatrix

5.) Amsterdam, Netherlands
How to weed
6.) Brussels, Belgium
With Mannekin Pis
7.) Ghent, Belgium
8.) Stockholm, Sweden
At Junibacken with my nephew Uriel
9.) Mont St-Michel, France
With my sister!

10.) Versailles, France
Biking around the Grand Canal on the grounds of the castle of Versailles

11.) Berlin, Germany
Kimy & Jarne in front of the Brandenburg Gate
12.) Knokke-Heist, Belgium
One of the boys. [L-R]: Jarne's uncle, Jarne's dad, Jarne's girlfriend, Jarne, Jarne's twin.

13.) Barcelona, Spain
Kimy & Jarne in front of La Sagrada Família
14.) Antwerp, Belgium
The twins. Yordi and Jarne in front of De Kathedraal

I made friends with people from all over the world, learned how to bike in a city with cars (gasp!), became an expert in the field of business (LOL), went to the top of the Eiffel tower, cooked my own food (the horror!), ate empty baguettes at least three times a week, rode a bus to Berlin for nine hours, improved my French by a mile, danced the chacha with my boyfriend's grandpa, took a million selfies in front of landmarks, painted a house in Bruges, almost got kidnapped by a weird Tibetan man, scraped my left knee twice (first time because I was late for my flight leaving Stockholm, second time was because I was just being Kimy), had tapas in Barcelona, missed my train once or twice, drank a lot of Belgian beer and didn't do anything overly crazy when I got drunk, had very stinky cheese in Paris, and also, I fell in love.

Every person who ever went to Europe for student exchange says it was one of the best experiences in their life. This definitely also applies to me, not mainly because of the places I've seen, but because during those months, I was with the person who has made me the happiest  I've ever been. Europe is my favorite place on Earth not because of its beauty, but because my favorite person lives there. 

I'll be back. Please wait for me :)


  1. I can't believe you found a boyfriend there In just 4months.. seems like u had a wonderful adventure there.. cheerio!

  2. so cute! how'd you two meet? :)

  3. Paris really is the city of love! :D